I always come back to search for this tweet I wrote some time ago, which I find extremely useful to install Drupal using composer and the excellent DDEV tool:

Installing #Drupal in seconds with DDEV and Composer

0. export SITE_NAME=mycoolsitename

1. composer create-project drupal-composer/drupal-project:8.x-dev — stability dev no-interaction $SN

2. ddev config — docroot web — projectname $SN — projecttype drupal8

3. ddev start

4. ddev exec

5. drush site-install — account-name=admin — account-pass=[]

I find it much easier to search in Medium or Google for this. You are welcome :-)

Some of you already know that I’ve been having an affair with DDEV tool. It’s great to build quickly an environment and start tinkering around without spending lot of time on sysadmin, devops or however the cool kids want to call those tasks nowadays.

However at some point some of your POC’s want to see the light. That’s were in ddev you’ll hit a wall, as the tool itself is just a local environment, if you want to progress further into production realm, you can chose to go with DDEV live, their paid service, or build your own environment.


Moving from Evernote to boostnote (and to the new 2020 Boost Note)

Boostnote has become my goto notes taking app for several reasons. Main one probably because it’s open source.

Good news for 2020 is that there is a refresh on the app itself, a new mobile app coming soon as well as a new launched service that should help the team involved to make this whole project sustainable.

The thing I probably like most is also the possibility of storing your notes in cloud, and also the new web based app that should make it easier to share your…

What is a Developer Advocate anyway?

bootstrap, Angular, Symphony, Java, Python, PHP7, Drupal9, VUE, ReactJS, GatsbyJS,…. have you noticed that our world is getting more and more complex?

In the old days you wanted to build something. You simply had to chose a language, maybe a framework on top of that language, and that’s it, you were in business. Those days are gone, for good or for bad.

The amount of technologies and solutions that appear everyday is staggering, but is not necessarily a bad (or good) thing. Is just a mirror of what is happening out there.

Software is…

Git is an amazing tool, incredibly flexible and extremely capable. It’s a shame that Linus Torvalds will be remembered mainly by Linux, because in fact git is probably a much more used tool than Linux itself.

Regardless of that, git flexibility also imply that sometimes we can over complicate things, and one of the scariest things is the releasing process and the scariest of all scenarios: the hotfix.

Well, fear no more, I have a better solution for you for those hotfix releases.

The recommendation from git itself is normally to do a cherry pick. However, and in my experience…

Alejandro Moreno

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