Alejandro Moreno
3 min readDec 23, 2019


Moving from Evernote to boostnote (and to the new 2020 Boost Note)

Boostnote has become my goto notes taking app for several reasons. Main one probably because it’s open source.

Good news for 2020 is that there is a refresh on the app itself, a new mobile app coming soon as well as a new launched service that should help the team involved to make this whole project sustainable.

The thing I probably like most is also the possibility of storing your notes in cloud, and also the new web based app that should make it easier to share your notes between devices (which was one of my show stoppers to fully adopt Boostnote).

Lots of lovely changes as you can wee. However moving Boostnote to the new version however can be tricky, or at least I found I had to do a couple of steps before I had everything setup as I had before.N othing complex, but I thought I could share my findings.

First you need to identify what needs to be moved to independent folders. You can fetch that information from boostnote.js file, in wherever folder you were storing your boostnote notes.

See for example my boostnote.js:

Now, those strings that you can see used in key is what each one of the notes have to know in which folder in your Boostnote will be appearing. For example my “Acquia” notes folder looks like this:

“key”: “4fef9f936d8ecbba2c7d”,
“color”: “#3FD941”,
“name”: “Acquia”

Obviously opening each note and moving manually is not an option, specially if you have hundreds of thousands of notes. However you can use grep and xargs power (Linux and/or Mac)

See for example:


grep -ilr “4fef9f936d8ecbba2c7d” * | xargs -I{} mv {} acquia/

or a more generic example:

grep -ilr “[KEY]” * | xargs -I{} mv {} [FOLDER]

In your case you simply have to replace [KEY] with each one of your keys in your folders, and then create a folder obviously to replace the placeholder [FOLDER]

One final tip, I have done an extra step, just in case I make a mess, which is moving all my notes to a notes-moving, or note-tmp folder. That way all commands I am running, I am doing them inside that new folder, instead of the one which contains all the work and notes that I have been doing during the last months/years. You are welcome :-)